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Our company has decades of experience


We always pay special attention to the timescale during transportation.

He is also a partner in transportation

Our company has extensive network and expertise in this field, so we are invited to larger projects year by year. We usually handle the delivery of filling material and the transportation of construction waste to a depot.

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The earthworks are carried out with our own fleet of vehicles, which are up-to-date and in an adequate technical condition.

He is also a partner in earthworks

Trench and building foundation, landscaping, bulk cargo loading and depoting, mirror removal, slit spreading.

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With our own machines we have excellent, experienced team of experts, and we can undertake the road construction work in a timely fashion.

Partner with road construction

With our equipment park and partners we offer complete road construction solutions for our customers.

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In the framework of private investments, we undertake complex projects for the implementation of public utility projects.

Partner is also in construction

We are in close contact with the surrounding municipalities. We have done a lot of work on force majeure, drainage, digging drainage ditches. We have built local roads and borders. We also undertake the supply of the necessary building materials and bedding materials.

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Accuracy, Reliability, Quality and Speed: We work by these principles day by day.

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Our partners and subcontractors have continually demonstrated craftsmanship through our close-to-20-year collaboration.

Our machines

  • 13 pcs bobtail
  • 1 psc tilt truck
  • 1 pcs Volvo L60 lodaer
  • 1 pcs Komatsu excavator
  • 1 pcs Kobelco excavator
  • 1 pcs machine trailer

In addition, we have a large subcontractor network that can be included in the works when needed.